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Dos and don’ts while being with an escort

Dos and don’ts while being with an escort in Netherlands

If women are thought to have the most complicated minds and thinking, men differentiate through their dirty minds when it comes to sexuality and erotic activity. The avid pleasure for submission, sexual games, awkward sexual positions, increases and blossoms each day in men’s head, and they start searching it in corners far away from their home bedroom. Why men choose escorts? Well, this subject has been analyzed and dissected many times before. They choose these sexy pleasure providers for the lack of time dedicated to hanging out and they choose escorts because these women offer them free access to sexual fantasies.

A professional escort will always know how to drag the man in the game of pleasure. She knows where to push in order to intensify the lust and accentuate the sexual instinct lying inside her man, and she is open to try even the kinkiest and craziest sexual games and positions.

There are, though, few dos and don’ts you need to take into consideration if you want to spend memorable time with your super hot escort in Amsterdam.

Be careful with the way you act and behave in her presence.

Any woman loves to have her man attentive and caring with her wishes. The same happens with escort girls. In spite of their job, they’ll always appreciate the fine gestures and small attentions you offer her. Buy her a refined perfume, a bunch of her favorite flowers, and you’ll have an unforgettable night with her.

Take care of the way you look.

Women like men who take care of their physical appearance. Be very careful with your hygiene, show a well-groomed aspect and you will be like a honeycomb for girls. Escorts are even more demanding with these simple rules of good-looking, and as long as you fit the requirements, you’ll get what you’ve been craving for.

Don’t push the limits.

Not once has happened to hear stories about pushy men that were left unsatisfied. Guys, rudeness and unruliness are the main negative factors that prevent you from getting laid. If you book the services of an escort lady, make sure you agree to the fullest with her requirements. We know that sex is all about exploring and experiencing new and exciting stuff, but once the limits are set, you must definitely NOT push them. Don’t try to touch her where she doesn’t allow you; don’t try to make her submissive if she clearly states her likes. You’d better choose to be her sexual slave, and you’ll get a lot more satisfaction and lust.

Don’t treat her like a rented object.

If you only think about it, women will know. Escorts are not sexual toys you can book and satisfy your intimate needs with them. They choose to be your companions because they want to have fun in the same measure you want to get laid. Talk before, set the rules and let things flow naturally. In this way, both of you will get exactly what you want: she’ll have some fun with a polite and good-looking man, and you’ll get the mind-blowing sexual satisfaction you wanted and desired so much.

Whether you want an escort companion to attend your parties, or you want a woman to please you and offer you exquisite intimate pleasure, respecting her dos and don’ts will bring you closer to the Holy Grail of human sexual lust.

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